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Support Page

Support for Apple IOS and Android

In the first instance contact badgersoft333@gmail.com


Complete these actions if you the app crashes after installing the latest update


Currently there are no problems with the ios apps

If this information comes on the screen, no matter which app you have
The next step is to close the app then locate the settings icon
subject settings screen
Then look for apps button
subject Choose the plumbing core subject
Next scroll down the apps until you come to the app and click on the icon
subject Choose the App
Once in here you need to click the Clear Data button
subject Click clear data
After clicking the button you should get this box, click ok to remove the data
subject Click ok
As you can see in the image the data is now zero
subject Click ok
Close the settings app and then locate the icon for your app and click and start the app to load
subject Find your app
Finally after clicking on the subject the app should be ok like in the image
subject App now runs

In the first instance contact badgersoft333@gmail.com

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