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The program is available at both level 2 and level 3. Both versions are written in the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio. Level 3comes with step by step guides on how to pipesize the four systems:

Cold water, Hot water, Central heating and Sanitation systems

The program has an update facility which the program automatically detects when an update is available, this is a one-click operation and all updates are free..

Now for some screen shots, click on the images and a window will open with an enlarged version:

Why don't you try a 30 day trial of the level 2 program Click me to download

Or try a 30 day trial of the level 3 program Click me to download

Download the installation instructions Click me to download PDF

Registration Screen Registration Screen

The Registration screen, you will only see this on the first run

welcome screen

The welcome screen, here you enter your name

subject Choose the plumbing core subject

After you have entered the program the next screen is where you choose you subject and the amount of questions you wish to answer. There are 4 tabs to choose from: Core, Gas, Web links and flash animations

Choose your gas questions Choose your gas subjects

By pressing this tab you then can choose the gas subjects which are appliacable to the course. The practice tests are not in C and G papers orders, but cover the subject areas that are in the gas papers.

Links to plumbing and gas related sites registration

By pressing this tab you then can choose Links to websites which relate to plumbing and gas. These will be updated as and when I come across a website which I feel will help in your learning

Pick a flash animation Pick a flash animation

By pressing this tab you then can choose flash animations which I have produced for plumbing and gas to assisit you in your understanding of the subject matter

The flash animations screen The flash animations screen

After choosing the flash tab and clicking on one of the buttons, it takes you to the following screen, no special software is required so it can run on any PC or laptop

The quiz screen Quizz Screen

After you have picked your subject from the core or gas tabs the program then progresses onto the actual quiz page. The questions are picked randomly from the database of questions for that subject. Another feature now is that the 4 answers are jumbled around each time that you get that question. This is to encourage you to read the questions and answers thoroughly.

It is in the multiple choice format when you answer it tells you if you are correct or not, if you are not then it tells you the correct answer. There is a counter and a timer to tell you how well you are doing during the test.

The email screen The email screen

You can email directly from the program this can be directly to Badger should you find any errors in the questions, or to your friends.

You simplyclick on the @ icon in the top bar of the quiz page or the same symbol at the top of the program backgound page

result Result screen

When you have completed all of your questions the results screen is shown. On this screen it tells you your percentage that you have achieved and the time taken to complete.

print Result and print

If you have achieved 70% or more then the print certificate button is enabled in the Results Screen. Click this and you can print a certificate

cert Certificate

The certificate, on this it gives your result and the subject which you have been undertaking.

pastres Past results

At any point in the program you can see how you are progressing during your sessions on the computer by clicking the results list on the menu bar and clicking print to screen. You can delete all but the last result by using the delete button

Second attempt screen Second attempt screen

After you have completed a test then you have the opportunity to re-do the questions which you have got incorrect. This does not affect the final score which is held on the database above. The previous answer you gave is highlighted in yellow.

2nd attempt results screen 2nd attempt results screen

After you have completed the review of your incorrect questions you are then given a second result which tells you if you would have passed or not. From here you can either re-do another test or exit the program

Suggested revision Suggested

A new addition to the program is the ability to print off suggested revision, if there is any, for the questions which you have got incorrect

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